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To get this campaign up and running, we’ll need our volunteers to do the following:

1. Sign up to join the RTE Campaign. This campaign will provide you with the opportunity to change the life of children and their families by ensuring that they attend the best schools possible.
2. All volunteers must attend our trainings/ online webinars, where you will be trained/guided through the entire process.
3. Volunteers will need to pick schools that are conveniently located for them to visit and determine if there are impoverished EWS communities within the 1KM distance radius of each school as specified by the state.
4. Once we have identified schools that are eligible to take in poor students from the surrounding community, volunteers will approach these schools to discuss with them the process of enrolling these students. It is likely that a number of these schools will stonewall your efforts, and list excuses for not enrolling these students. At this moment, we’re not going to pursue this issue any further. Explain to the school that they have a legal obligation to enroll these students, and if they still don’t agree, then leave.
5. This conversation with schools will be more effective if you’re alumni of the school. While signing up to join the RTE campaign, you will be asked to list the high school you graduated from. While assigning you to schools, we’ll assign you to the school you graduated from, if it meets the school criteria above.
6. While talking to the schools, we must simultaneously reach out to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of the community and make them aware of the opportunity afforded to them by the RTE. Ensure you are well-informed about the statues of the act, and inform them about key points such as the education is completely free, and uniforms and books are to be paid for by them.
7. We will also need to guide the parents of these EWS families to help them understand and fill out the application paperwork, and also procure supporting documents such as income certficates, birth certificates etc.