Uttar Pradesh | Over 15 Thousand Students Benefit From RTE Admission Act In UP

Uttar Pradesh saw a huge jump in the admission in  schools under Right to Education(RTE) act. This acted as a great relief to many lower middle class and poor people. There are many families in UP who is not capable of sending their kids to a good private school. Also, many places are in the state are unaware of the RTE act.

According to a report, a total of 15,626 students got admission in 49 districts while the number of applications was 21,789. This number is an exponential growth when compared to the data of last year which was just at 4,400. The number was much lower in the prior years 2012, 2013, and 2014, and in those years the number of intake was 108.

The reason for low turnout in previous years was maybe the lack of awareness in many districts. The reason for the lack of awareness was due to late enacted RTE in the state. While the country started RTE act in 2009, UP formed the RTE rules in 2011 and implemented in 2012.

This year the data of admissions may show a feat in the number of admissions, it cannot be neglected that 26 districts have been left out and other district showed a lower turnout. Varanasi showed a maximum number of admission where 3,318 were enrolled in the private schools. Agra and Lucknow followed Varanasi with the figure of 3,000 and 2,920 respectively.

The foundation behind the admission under RTE was laid by Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA). It worked as a media to create awareness among parents and society. It worked well, however, it couldn’t cover the whole part of UP. RTE crusader and founder-chairperson of Bharat Abhyudaya Foundation (BAF) said BSA worked very well in some parts while in other parts it didn’t work well but it has opened many opportunities for many families especially whose first generation got admission in private schools.

During the process of creating awareness, BAF noticed that many private schools are unwilling to take admission under RTE act. These schools might get advantage from those seats. BAF said if RTE act would be used efficiently, UP schools can assist 50 lakh deserving students in the next 8 years which can really change the face of education.

Source :Examswatch.com

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