Pune | Slow RTE process keeps parents of 13,000 kids on the edge

Pune: With the first round of admissions under the 25% reservation scheme of the Right to Education Act still in deep waters, parents of children whose names are on the waiting list for the second round are restless.

April is almost coming to an end and just 1,900 admissions have been done, so far. Close to 13,000 admissions remain to be confirmed and parents are feeling they will lose out on good schools for their wards.

Sonali Kunjir, a member of Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, who is helping the members of the waste pickers’ union for RTE admissions, said, “Barely a few members of the union who had applied for admissions this year have received an SMS from the education department. Of those who have received the SMS, very few have been able to take admissions. Schools are sending back many parents for varied reasons.”

Source: The Times of India

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