Pune | RTE admissions: ‘Will act against 46 erring schools after September 24, says Purshuttom Bhapkar

Pune: The school education department is now gearing up to act tough against schools refusing 25 per cent quota admissions under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. Having received a list of 46 erring schools from major cities, Maharashtra Education Commissioner Purshuttom Bhapkar said deputy directors had been instructed to act against the schools after September 24, if the situation persisted.

“I had asked the deputy directors of primary education to prepare a report, along with a list of schools that refused RTE quota admissions. As of now, I have a list of 46 schools. The letter that we received from the ministry clearly states that a maximum deadline of September 24 be given to the schools to finish all admissions allotted under round I. If not, we will move for relevant action,” said Bhapkar.

Meanwhile, Mumbai tops the list of cities, with 23 schools on radar for not giving admissions, followed by 17 schools in Pune. “I am yet to get the list for some cities where the process of data collection from local education officers is still under way. I have asked for it by the stipulated time,” said Bhapkar.

He added that these schools had been given multiple chances to finish the admission process but they did not seem to be taking the state government orders seriously. Asked if due to the current holiday season, owing to several festivals, would schools be given an extension, education officials replied in the negative.

While a recent letter issued by the state education department stated that contempt of court notices be filed against schools that refused to give RTE quota admissions, the state education department had decided to move for de-recognition of these schools as well.

Source: The Indian Express

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