Pune | Despite HC order, schools refuse RTE admissions

Pune: Despite the Bombay High Court saying that the conditions before the controversial April 30 government resolution on RTE admissions will prevail and rights of children who have already been allotted schools be preserved, the schools in city are refusing to give admissions to the children under Right to Education Act.
According to figures available with Pune Municipal Corporation’s School Board, about 3,000 students are affected in the city due to this ambiguity. In Pimpri-Chinchwad, there are around 1,000 such students.

“My son got allotted to a school in Laxmi Road area after the online admission procedure in April-May. But when I went there, the principal took our forms and asked us to come after two days. When I went after two days, the principal was unavailable. We tried to contact her twice but we were told that the principal was unavailable. I again went there two days ago, but I was told by the principal that she had got no clue about the RTE and that I should not bother her again with RTE,” said Chinmayi Dhawale, whose son was allotted the school.

As per the April 30 GR, schools were to reserve 25 per cent of their seats as per RTE only in Class I, their entry-level point. Thus, pre-primary RTE admissions done this year were to be cancelled. However, with the court issuing status quo order, the conditions prevailing till April 29 were to be considered for admission. Moreover, the interest of the students was also asked to be kept in mind by the schools.

Ganesh Abhang, an auto driver, got his son allotted to a school in Pashan area through the online centralised admission scheme.
“The school flatly refused admission and asked the gatekeeper not to allow anybody with RTE admission requests inside. We are treated very badly by the principal,” said Abhang.
Sheetal Admane, who works as a maid in housing societies, also got similar treatment from the school administration over admission of her son under the RTE. “We are poor and we don’t understand the rules and regulations. When I went to the school which was allotted to my son under online admission process, I was told the matter was in court and hence my son would not get admission. I have been going almost every day to the school, but it does not entertain our requests. There are many parents like me,” said Admane.

“Around 9-10 educational trusts/society are in court as petitioners. All their schools are denying admissions under RTE on the pretext of court proceedings,” said Mukund Kirdat, an educational activist.
Pradip Dhumal, School Board chairman, said, “Schools reopened on June 15 and almost 3,000 students belonging to economically and socially disadvantaged category have been left out of this process because of the delay in court case. I have written a letter to the education minister asking him to speed up the procedure on his part so that the students do not suffer.”

Source: The Indian Express

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