Net cafes, pvt centres misguide parents on RTE admissions

Principal Correspondent,

• Less number of people visited centres set up by Education Department.

• Responding to warning of Education Department, only 10 parents turned up to withdraw additional applications.

Even after repeated instructions, most of the parents submitted multiple applications of their wards to get admission under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. This happened because most of the parents skipped visiting Government centres and instead took help of Internet cafe and centres started by Non-Government Organisations (NGO).
Though Government set up its own centres in sufficient number, 63 in Nagpur district, parents shockingly did not approach them. Highly placed sources in the Education Department said that most of the parents went to various Internet cafes, private centres where they were misguided. They did not get clear direction and guidance about submitting applications. At private centres and Internet cafes they were told that multiple applications would help them in getting admissions in right school.
But, Education Department feared that students might get admission in multiple institutes and would put other students in trouble. Considering this aspect, the department had appealed to the parents to withdraw additional applications and keep only one.
While submitting on-line applications of their wards parents have filled multiple options of schools. Education Department has received such applications. Some of the parents gave incorrect date of birth of their wards. It is being checked. The department has asked parents to withdraw additional applications within two days, Else, all the applications will be cancelled except the last one. Parents are expected to withdraw additional applications by May 13. Responding to the warning by the department only 10 parents out of 523 who submitted multiple applications, approached the department and withdrew additional applications. The department will wait for other parents to turn up by Friday, else it would consider the last application and cancel the other. Education Officer Dipendra Lokhande has appealed to the parents that once application submitted on-line there is no need of scrutiny of the documents in the office of Education Department. The checking of the documents will be done at the respective schools where the child gets admission. Parents can get the details from Deputy Director of Education Anil Pardhi – 9604024711 or Education Officer Dipendra Lokhande- 8411003518.

Source : The Hitavada

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