Nashik | RTE admission deadline pushed

Nashik: The civic education department has extended the deadline for schools to admit students under the 25% reservation under the Right to Education (RTE) Act, from May 15 to May 20.

Till now only 660 admissions have been given under RTE under which more than 5,000 seats are available.

Out of the 660 admissions, 328 are from the city. The number of seats in the city schools is 2176 but not even 50% of the seats were filled by the schools due to various reasons pertaining to documentation and also preferences of schools by parents.

“We extended the deadline for giving admission to the students as the seats are yet to be filled. We want a maximum number of beneficiaries to be admitted under RTE,” said administrative officer of Nashik Municipal Corporation’s education department, Umesh Dongre.

He said that schools were giving admissions but some mistakes made by the parents while filling up the forms were causing trouble, and in some cases parents were waiting to get the school of their choice.
 “Everyone wants the school to be close to their homes. We extended the deadline for ensuring that every child gets admission. After May 20, we will see how many seats remain vacant,” said Dongre.
The principal of a reputed school said that they were verifying the documents of that parents had submitted and there were mistakes in many cases.
“We have to check everything thoroughly including the address, income and other certificates. We had faced lot of issues with these details last year and if we do not give admission the sympathy goes to the parents automatically. Notices are sent to us and we have to give explanations to the education department,” said the principal.

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