Nagpur | RTE quota only at school entry level in Nagpur: Education secretary

Nagpur: The long standing confusion, that mired Nagpur education officials over Right to Education (RTE) Act’s 25% quota admission, finally got cleared on Thursday following intervention by state’s top bureaucrat from education ministry. Nand Kumar, principal secretary of education ministry who was in Nagpur for a seminar, said, “Full 25% admissions have to be given only at entry point of school. If entry level is pre-primary, then for Std I only vacant and backlog seats have to be filled with RTE candidates.”

This cleared the air over local education department’s complete misinterpretation of a government resolution about giving RTE admissions in pre-primary and primary sections. Nagpur education department erroneously interpreted the directives by asking schools to reserve 25% seats for RTE students in both nursery/KG and std I. In the presence of Anil Pardhi, deputy director of education (Nagpur division), Kumar clarified that doing the latter would amount to 50% RTE reservation.

The other issue was complaints over RTE’s online lottery software, which allotted seats to applicants in a single school at both pre-primary and std I level. Schools complained that they had chosen entry point as nursery and yet they were allotted std I students.

Keen to get to the bottom of the issue, Kumar enquired about the start of problem and immediately called up the education department headquarters at Pune.

Kumar, said, “It is a human error by schools. While filling their online registration form, they keyed in their school statistics at entry point but left std I fields blank. This has resulted in seats being allotment at both nursery and std I level. Now, parents will obviously be angry if they are told that their child cannot be given admission because of some error, but education officials will have to somehow pacify them.”

This will mean immediate relief for schools who were being forced to admit 25% RTE students at both levels and end an almost two-month long standoff.

Kumar was in city to address a select group of teachers and education officials at a seminar on raising the quality of education. Since he himself has a Bachelors in Education, Kumar was able to explain the finer points to his audience. “Education officials will sow the seeds with policy but (teachers) have to act as the Sun, water and wind for it to sprout. Provide them your help and ensure that quality of education increases,” said Kumar.

Karajgaonkar named Nagpur board’chairman:

Hours after Principal secretary (Education) Nand Kumar’s speech, state school education minister Vinod Tawde also landed in city en route to Amravati for an official function.

Speaking at the airport with TOI, Tawde said that Nagpur divisional board will finally get a full time chairman. “I signed the papers just yesterday. (Mahesh) Karajgaonkar will be coming here to take charge,” said Tawde. The post has been lying vacant since August 2013 and no official was interested to take charge in Vidarbha. He also added that for National Law School the government is waiting for vice-chancellor to be appointed by the Supreme Court.

Source: The Times of India

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