Nagpur | RTE lottery’s phase-1 complete, final results by next week

Nagpur: Within a week, fate of almost 14,000 applicants for free seats in school under Right To Education (RTE) quota will be decided. On Tuesday, the education department completed the first phase of RTE lottery draw by choosing numbers to fill up the “number grid”, which the software uses to compute the lottery results.

By next week, the final results will be declared and conveyed to the parents via SMSon their registered mobile numbers.

NG Ganar, MLC (teachers constituency), took out the first of the 40 digits needed to fill the grid and said he hoped that the entire process will be satisfactory.

“I am extremely happy with the way the entire process has been handled so far. The lottery is done through a software which uses the same logic as the Maharashtra State Lottery. I just wish that right till the end, everything works out smoothly and our children find a place to study,” said Ganar.

Premchand Raut, district coordinator for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) and who oversaw the RTE application process, said, “It has been a smooth process all along and now we will just wait for the results to be declared. I am grateful for the cooperation which every stakeholder extended to make this process a success.”

Shahid Sharif, founder of the NGO RTE Action Committee, said, “No doubt that so far the process has been a success and we will always want it to improve more for the benefit of students. But as we see that the number of applications is more than double the available seats. What happens with these kids? They are denied the right to have quality education just because of capacity limitations. Hence, the government overall has to figure out a way to do some capacity-building and ensure that more and more underprivileged kids get a chance.”

Archana Mirge, a parent, said, “Education officials were very helpful and explained to us everything. Before the draw of lots started, they explained to us what will happen and why chits are being picked to fill the number grid. I am convinced that there is a lot of transparency in the system due to which the lottery results will also be fair.”

Rakesh Patil, another parent, said, “I have two kids and did registration for both. The whole process was very transparent, but I did see that some parents had some queries about how the matrix system works for draw. The officials, however, tried to explain everything to parents.”

Source : The Times of India

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