Nagpur | RTE lottery process gets underway today

Nagpur: The long winding road for applicants seeking free admissions under the Right To Education (RTE) Act quota is finally over. On Tuesday, the education department will start the first (of two) step involved in the online RTE lottery .

The RTE lottery software uses a unique algorithm that gets its initial starting grid by numbers chosen by students. This is the first step that will be completed on Tuesday itself in a public function. The lottery grids are filled by randomly selected number, a process in which the public too participates. As in the previous years, the practice is to place four separate bowls filled with paper chits containing numbers. Children from the audience are called to choose the chits and read out the numbers. The numbers are verified by authorities and then entered into the grid. This entire process is videotaped to ensure complete transparency.

Once the grid is complete it is displayed on a large screen and the people are asked to click a picture, if they want it, of the screen. These grid numbers will then be sent to education department headquarters at Pune where it will be fed into the lottery software. The second step is the conduct of lottery itself and is likely to be done within a week. Selected parents get a SMS on their registered mobile numbers informing them of their child’s admission status.

Premchand Raut, coordinator of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Nagpur district said, “Everything is on track for the RTE lottery process and we have weeded out all duplicate entries. Due to this, the final tally of applicants has dropped to 13,640.” TOI had reported about the issue of duplicate and even triplicate form submissions done by over 300 parents, in a futile attempt to cheat the online lottery system. Since the software allows only one form to be submitted per registered mobile number, some parents used different numbers to beat the system. However the second level of verification, that happened in Pune, detected the fraud. This delayed the lottery process by three days in which the education department weeded out the extra forms.

Source : The Times of India

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