Nagpur | Parents angry at education official over RTE fiasco

Nagpur: On Wednesday an NGO led a parents’ delegation to the deputy director of education (DDE) over multiple issues related to admissions under the Right to Education (RTE) Act. In about 10 schools in Nagpur, RTE admissions have come to a complete halt as there is still no clarity over interpretation of 25% RTE quota in new entry point of Std I. The silence of the state’s primary education director Mahavir Mane has compounded the problem as he has not even bothered to issue clear directives even after repeated requests from the Nagpur education department. The DDE has informed the NGO that he would soon be meeting school principals and sorting the issue out.

The bone of contention is varying interpretation of a government resolution issued last week. This GR changed the entry point for RTE admissions to Std I with immediate effect and asked schools to give admissions accordingly. Those schools that had accepted admissions under RTE in earlier classes were told to cancel them and guarantee admission to the affected kids three years later in Std I. However, there is a grey area with regards to schools who have RTE students in KG2 being promoted to Std I. The local education office and mantralaya have different interpretation of the GR over entry level.

As per Nagpur office, schools have to give admissions to 25% students in Std I. Schools say they have already completed the 25% quota since RTE KG 2 promotees are coming to Std I now. Both are adamant on their position and since the education department has failed to come out with clear directives, the problem continues.

An education department official said, “We requested our Pune head office to shed light on the vague points in GR but Mane has not taken any steps regarding this.” Mane did not answer TOI’s calls even after repeated attempts, nor did he respond to our queries. The last date for completing the admissions is May 13 but it is clear that unless the government clarifies, things would not be moving. A school principal said, “These frequent rule changes are a headache for all. The government should realize the amount of chaos it creates on the ground. As of now all of us (about 10 popular schools) have stopped admissions till we get clear instructions in writing.”

Source: The Times of India

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