Nagpur | July 1 last day for round 2 of RTE admissions

Nagpur: The education department has declared that students selected for free admissions under round two of Right To Education (RTE) lottery will have to complete the admission process by July 1. Till date 3,522 students have taken admissions in Nagpur district under RTE, according to education official Premchand Raut.

With admissions in July and possibility of a third round of RTE that could delay admissions further, the schools are unhappy. Rajendra Dayma, founder president of Independent English Schools Association (IESA) said, “The government should take stern actions to renew the admission process. The lottery system has resulted in delayed intake of students when the schools have already started. It becomes problematic for teachers to teach all the students at one level. Students who join in June are more acquainted with the subject than the students who join later. This creates a gap in the system, leading to dropouts. Attempts have been made to convince the government to finish admission procedure early. The procedure should get over by the month of May.”

Sanjay Tayde-Patil, founder president of Maharashtra English School Trustees Association, said, “RTE act is not applicable to students from minority schools. Hence parents are coerced into filling the names of reputed schools in order to get free education. This results in accumulation of applicants in reputed schools whereas seats in minority schools remain empty. The government should ensure admission to students in schools which are located 1- 2km away from their homes instead. There is a lack of reimbursement provided for the education under this act which is becoming a hurdle in its successful implementation.” Anil Asalkar, a senior academician said, “The implementation of the RTE lottery system should be quick. The admission procedures should get over by June first week. Once the student is allotted a school, they shouldn’t be reallocated schools. New students and leftover crowd should be considered for the vacant seats.” Amit Yenurkar from Sancheti Public School said, “The process initiated by RTE is very transparent. It is being conducted on a very large scale; hence the delay in admissions is bound to happen. Loss of studies can be compensated through remedial classes. The system has massively improved as compared to last year, and it is producing positive results”.

Source : The Times of India

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