Nagpur | 6,130 RTE admission forms filled so far

NAGPUR: The applications received so far under Right To Education (RTE) Act’s 25% free quota are way below the number anticipated by the education department. By Monday, the department had received 6,130 applications against the 50,000 it had earlier anticipated. This number is the total of both online and offline applications being accepted under RTE.

Premchand Raut, coordinator from Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, confirmed that the maximum number of applications had been received from Nagpur (urban). Here a total of 5,687 applications have been received, while for Kamptee – 27, Hingna – 53 and Nagpur rural – 338 applications have been received. The applications will be accepted till March 17 and the education department will then take a call for extension of date if there is an issue with the process.

The online admission process has been initiated only for Nagpur city schools to test the system’s load handling capacity and better prepare for statewide implementation. Parents can start applying online at though the final lottery will be done manually. For applying online, parents will have to scan and attach documents supporting eligibility under RTE’s free 25% quota. The acceptance of form online is in now way to be construed as a guarantee of admission. The school will have the final say on whether or not the child gets admission. School can refuse admission if it finds that supporting documents are not in order or the parent is unable to satisfy the requirements.

As far as the distance criteria is concerned, the school has to be within a 3km radius of the applicant’s residence. And unlike last year, the criteria for distance has been made very clear. Distance will be calculated using Google maps, which will pop up when the parent is filling the online form. Once the parent has provided inputs on residential address the software will throw up names of schools in which admissions can be done.

Source: Times of India

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