Mumbai | Parents angry over the delayed admissions under RTE Act norms

Admissions under Right to Education are creating a lot of confusion between the schools and the parents which has resulted in discarding of the process. The Act provides 25 per cent reserved seats in the school. Owing to the confusion, a certain number of schools are opting out of the online process.

The registration process for schools commenced on February 16 and the parents were asked to start applying from February 23. However, the date was postponed to February 25. But till now there is no clarity about the process and its beginning. This created fury among parents.

Number of schools registered under the Act has been decreasing from the past two years. The figure was 315 last year and 554 in 2013 which is left to 280 schools this year. Last year, 35 schools applied for minority status that will safeguard them from the RTE Act norms.
Many schools have been using the minority status to evade RTE Act norms. According to Supreme Court orders taken in April, minority schools are free from reserving 25 per cent of their seats socially and economically weaker students.

With the schools applying for minority status, the percentage of the schools expected to reserve 25 per cent of their seats will reduce drastically.

As quoted in Indian Express, Shambhavi Jogi, BMC education inspector said. “We will find out the total number of seats available for admission this year within a day and release it to the public for their benefit. All 24 of our admission centers are already functional and parents can approach for help.”
The parents applying for the admissions under the same act are totally unaware of any development. There are no steps taken in order to make the parents aware about the admission process and seat availability. Even parents and the activists have shown their anger in the government’s approval of minority status to the schools and negligible advertising about the RTE Act.

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