Mumbai | Despite crackdown, more schools being given ‘minority’ tag

Mumbai: Even as the state government is cracking down on city schools which failed to admit enough students of the minority community they represent, the number of schools applying for minority status is on the rise. Acquisition of minority status exempts the educational institute from earmarking seats for economically weak students under the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

While six schools acquired the minority tag this academic year, seven other schools had acquired the status in the middle of the RTE admission process last year. These seven schools got the exemption from round two of admissions.

The Supreme Court has said that minority schools were not required to reserve 25% of their seats for students from economically weaker sections. Several schools say they prefer to get the minority tag if they can get it as the government grants are not timely and there is constant confusion over rules to admit students under the quota under RTE Act.

Source: The Times of India

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