Mumbai | 3-year-old denied admission under RTE, no reason specified

Mumbai: Usually, when a school rejects a student’s admission under the Right To Education (RTE) Act quota, they refrain from giving the same in writing, for fear of receiving flak from the education department. However, details have emerged of a South Mumbai school which has issued a letter of rejection to a parent whose daughter was allotted a school under the quota.

Altaf Tajani, the father of the three-year-old girl, received in writing that his daughter’s admission was rejected. The letter, a copy of which is with dna, doesn’t specify the reason behind the rejection.

The second round of lottery process, which was scheduled to happen on Monday, did not take place. After the first round, the BMC education department had claimed that they hadn’t received a complaint from any parent about getting a letter of rejection.

Tajani said that he got the allotment letter after the first round of lottery when his daughter’s name appeared in it. “I went to the allotted school for two weeks continuously, but they kept on asking me to come later for admission. Finally, on Monday they told me that they cannot give my daughter admission,” he said.

“I asked them to give this me in writing as the BMC education department will feel that I didn’t visit the school for confirming the admission. I told them that if they give me in writing that they cannot admit my daughter, I can request the education department to allot me another school. They handed me a printout where my daughter’s details are filled, and admission status reads as rejected. However, the letter doesn’t have the school name mentioned, nor any stamp from the school,” added an irked Tajani.

The girl’s father said that he has complained to the education inspector of South zone.

When contacted, an official from the school on condition of anonymity said: “We have around 15 seats reserved for the 25% quota admission. Very few parents came for admission to our school, out of which only one has been rejected due to distance problem.”

Source: dna

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