Maharashtra | Single moms still having sleepless nights over RTE admissions

Inspite of holding a protest to highlight the problems they are facing while getting their children admitted under the Right to Education (RTE) quota, there seems to be no respite for single working mothers. According to the Anudanit Shiksha Bachchao Samiti (ASBS), income certificates being submitted by single mothers for their child’s admission are still being rejected by local help centres.

The role of local help centres, set up across the city, is to verify documents provided by parents. ASBS claims that single mothers aren’t the only aggrieved parties. Many other parents have several grievances, like the lack of clarity if an application is rejected, what to do after filling the admission forms and malfunctioning of the admissions website among others.

K Narayan, secretary of ASBS, said, “The website sometimes doesn’t open and we also face difficulty in uploading the details. Single mothers’ income certificates are still being rejected by help centres despite their education officer requesting them to accept the documents.”

While the application process that started from February 27 will go on till March 18, ASBS officials claim that help centres are not good enough to guide parents.

A parent from south Mumbai said, “I opted for one of the international schools which was showing in the list of schools on the website. When I went to the help centre to verify my documents, the official said that I cannot opt for that school because it does not come under RTE. I am clueless about whether I need to apply again or whether I am not eligible to apply again.”

Dinkar Temkar, deputy director, primary education, said, “No problems have come to me for the RTE admission process. The only queries that have come are from families asking whether their rent agreement can be submitted and questions from single mothers about their income certificate. For the rent agreement, we have instructed that it cannot be accepted. Regarding the income certificates of single mothers, we have asked the education officer to take up the matter at their level.”

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Source: DNA India

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