Maharashtra | RTE admission process still not a smooth ride

Many schools were unwilling and website frozen till evening on Day-1 of form-filling

Admissions under Right to Education (RTE) are still not a smooth ride. Applicants faced a tough time during the online application process, which began on Friday after being postponed for three days. While the authorities claimed that the website began working only in the evening, the parents complained of it being nonfunctional.

Admissions for the 25 per cent reserved quota in schools for children coming from economically weaker sections under the Right to Education (RTE) Act were expected to begin on February 23. But, they were postponed for three days and parents were asked to begin applying on Friday. But, when parents logged in to begin the process, the website was found to be frozen.

Nilesh Borate, an activist helping parents during the admissions, said, “We have been trying to begin the process but the website is frozen. This is the second year of online process and still they are not thorough.”

Sonali Kunjir, another activist, added, “The parents who are applying are daily wage workers. They cannot afford to miss work like this and just wait for the website to functioning.”

Meanwhile, Dinkar Temkar, deputy director of the state primary education department, who is heading the RTE admission process, said, “The registration process took longer than expected which is why we had to postpone the starting day. However, on Friday, few schools were found not complying with the orders which took time. The issues were resolved by afternoon and soon the website began to function.”

The form filling under the RTE will continue till March 11.

Source: The Pune Mirror

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