Maharashtra | Just over 5% schools register for #RTE25 admissions in Nagpur

Nagpur: This is yet another example of poor planning and even worse implementation by the state government. The education ministry’s plans to conduct online admissions for Right To Education (RTE) Act’s 25% free quota is set to be a fiasco unless the department miraculously salvages the situation. Only about 5% schools in Nagpur have registered online for the admission process even though the deadline is Sunday. Technical issues and implementation on short notice are the reasons for the mess the education department currently finds itself in.

Unless all the 400-odd schools register, the entire process will fail. A source in the education department said, “Till Wednesday night, only 24 schools in Nagpur had registered in our database. There have been multiple technical issues as schools were unable to log in. Some got errors that their passwords were not matching while some could not even open the site.”

The registration of schools started on February 16, so basically only six schools are registering per day. By that count it will take over two months for the entire process to be completed. But the ministry is hoping that it will be able to turn the tide and complete the registrations. Officials from the department are now following up with schools and asking them ‘get on with it’ and meet the deadline.

A senior academician said it is typical of the education department to push things at the last minute. “Even though the online admission process was announced last year we never really knew when it would start. In fact, we were not even sure that it would happen at all. And suddenly, about 10-12 days ago, they called us for a meeting and announced their grand plans. This awareness campaign should have been started six months rather than two weeks ago.”

The education department’s plan is split into three phases. The first phase will be registration of schools till February 22 after which immediately phase two kicks in. Here, the parents will start applying online and the software will throw up names of schools where their kid is eligible for admission. Phase three will be the actual process of lottery and is expected sometime in March.

The online RTE admission is a result of making the process transparent after various complaints were received by the education department. Though the application process is online, the schools will continue to have the final say in admission. “If the schools feel the documents submitted by parents are not in order then they can refuse admission,” said an official.

Source: Times of India

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