Maharashtra | Is RTE registration’s Thursday deadline enough in Nagpur?

NAGPUR: The education department estimates that by Thursday, all schools in Nagpur city that come under the purview of Right To Education Act (RTE) will complete their online registration. It is estimated that about 450 schools in the city need to complete the process and less than 200 have completed it.

K Choudhary, education officer (primary), said, “Till Sunday evening, 168 schools had completed the process. On Monday some more would have completed the process too.”

The slow pace of registration is worrying the education department because it is almost impossible to meet the deadline on Thursday. With over 250 schools to go in just three days, the department knows it is staring at yet another extension of the deadline. The first deadline expired on Monday and was extended till Thursday.

All schools which have to allocate mandatory 25% seats under the RTE have to first register online. After this, parents can start applying online. A source in the department said, “Even if one school fails to register, then the entire process fails. We are following up with the schools to ensure compliance and hope that the process can be completed as fast as possible.”

The education ministry is clearly at fault for notifying the process at a very late stage. Another academician, said, “They informed us in the first week of February, but it should actually have been done months ago. Our schools are not well connected to the cyber world and these things take time.”

Technical issues were galore and that slowed down the process of RTE registration in the first few days drastically. But even as the technical team started clearing up the bottlenecks, things have not looked up, making it apparent that not enough awareness has been created.

Source: Times of India

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