Maharashtra | 1,904 RTE applications received online in Nagpur

Nagpur: Online applications for Right To Education (RTE) quota in city schools kicked off on Monday afternoon and, by 7pm, almost 2,000 applications were submitted. There were reports of some hiccups as slow internet connectivity meant that form submission time crept up to almost 45 minutes for some people. But considering the short notice on which the local education department worked on and their phase one fiasco with school registrations, Monday was a good day. Kishore Choudhary, district’s RTE in charge, said, “1,904 applications have been received online and the process has been smooth.”

Another 1,184 people have registered online but haven’t submitted their forms. The department had set up 25 support centres across the city to help with form submission but many of them saw only inquiries being made. Jaffar Khan, principal of Qidwai School, said, “We had people come to the school and ask about the formalities. I am sure they will return tomorrow to complete the online formalities.”

Deaven Dasture, director of South Point School, said, “Since the process started only after 1pm, the response was down. A lot of inquiries happened but no one submitted forms online. Maybe they did it from their homes of cyber cafe. However, on Tuesday, with centres starting in the morning itself, people may come.”

Choudhary said, “Forms are being filled both at centres and from other places. We are anticipating a bigger response in the days to come.” To handle the response better, the education department held a meeting with Nagpur Municipal Corporation and sought access to their infrastructure.

Choudhary added, “We have been promised the use of 100 NMC schools for setting up support centres. This will help us reach more and more people and the deserving candidates can reap benefits.” Use of NMC schools will certainly give the education department a wider reach as many schools are situated in remote localities.

Slow internet connectivity seems to be only reason for the delay in form submission. TOI helped a parent fill a form online and it took only 12 minutes to enter all details, locate residence on Google map, choose school for seeking admission, upload documents for verification and finally submit it online. After submission, a PDF file of the form is generated which has to be verified at the support centre. The staff at the support centre will check the authenticity of the documents and do an online verification.

Source: Times of India

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