Ludhiana | EWS students fail to get admission in Ludhiana private schools

Right to Education Act (RTE) is still not being implemented in the city as no student from the economically weaker section (EWS) has been recommended by the district education department since 2011 for admission in any private school.

RTE may have made a fundamental right for children between 6 and 14 years to have education and making it mandatory for private schools to reserve 25% seats for economically weaker section of students. But, any legislation is as good as its implementation else its purpose is defeated.


To get their children enrolled under this category, parents can register themselves with the district education officer who after verifying their details will send the names of the students to schools, area wise.

Private schools are also completing the formality by merely advertising the information regarding 25% seat reservation for EWS students. But in reality, some schools are filling these seats by admitting the wards of their Class IV employees.


Pradeep Kumar, a parent, lamented, “This Act is not being implemented in the state as a child is first asked to take admission in a government school, which in turn can’t deny admission to any child as per government’s direction. So when no government school will ever refuse admission to a child, then how the 25% EWS category seats in the private schools will be filled, he said adding, “Last year, I decided to admit my child in a private school under this category but, when I contacted the district education office they asked me to get my kid admitted in a government school. How can I send my child to a government school which has no facilities? In Ludhiana, government primary schools have poor facilities and non-existent infrastructure where, students are mostly sitting in the open, under the trees or in corridors. That’s why I got my son admitted in a private school where I am paying the full fee. I can’t afford to pay Rs 1,200 per month, but I want my son to get education from a good school and become a better citizen.

Source : Hindustan Times

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