Kolhapur | RTE admissions: Education dept extends deadline to September 28

kolhapur: The district primary education department has extended its deadline to September 28 to grant admissions to 25% under the Right to Education (RTE) quota this year. According to the district education officer Subhash Chougule, the decision was taken after the department received a lukewarm response to admissions under the quota this year.

Chougule said that the admission process was on halt earlier this year, which could have resulted in the low turnout to the RTE.

“The admission procedure was on halt from May to almost mid-July, because of the controversy of the entry point of the admission. After the July 15 order from Bombay High Court to continue admissions for the 25% Right to Education (RTE) quota from both the pre-primary and primary entry points, the deputy education director office of the region instructed that the the admission procedure be resumed,” he said, adding, that the extension of deadline for admissions might improve the statistics in the region.

While Sattapa Mohite, member of the city-based NGO Avani, said, “Since the admission period is already over, it will hardly make a big difference now. The administration needs to concentrate on how it can improve the admission status for the next academic year.”

Mohite added that the issues such as that of out-of-school kids needs to be given priority, as that issue can make a lot of difference.

“There are many kids who were not identified in the July 4 out-of-school kids survey or in the July 31 resurvey,” he said.

He added that the Avani is conducting their own survey for keeping a tab on the out-of-school kids and those children of brick kiln workers, children working as labourers on sugar cane farms and stone quarries and those of migrating families.

“We will be publishing our report about the survey in a few days,” Mohite said, adding that the Avani had managed to send back over 100 kids from the migrating families, back to schools.

The department had to extend the admission deadline to September end for RTE last year as well. But, the department achieved more than 60% of admissions under the RTE’s 25% admission quota for the 2014-15 academic year and this year it aimed at 80%, which seems impossible for this academic year.

Source: The Times of India

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