RTE25 | Tamilnadu

As per the RTE guidelines for the state of Tamil Nadu, private schools must reserve 25% of their seats in the youngest incoming classroom for children meeting one or both of the following criteria:

1. Disadvantaged groups: Children with the following backgrounds-

  • Scheduled Caste (SC)
  • Scheduled Tribe (ST)
  • Backward Caste (BC)/ Most Backward Caste (MBC)
  • Orphans
  • HIV affected children
  • Transgender
  • Child of Scavenger
  • Differently abled

2. Children of Parents who belong to “Economically Weaker Sections of Society”, i.e. if their parents or guardians earn less than Rs. 200,000 annually.

The latest application form for RTE admissions can be found here

The following paperwork will need to be submitted with the application. This paperwork does NOT have to be submitted the same time as the application (although that is preferable), and can be submitted a week or two later.

  • Birth Certificate of the Child  – This can be obtained online here 
  • Income certificate – Can be obtained from the local Tashildar office. A list of Tashildar offices can be found here



CBSE admissions are from Feb 9 to 17

A full list of CBSE schools in Chennai and their contact info can be found here