Gujarat: RTE intake from last week of February

AHMEDABAD: The admissions procedure for school seats under Right to Education quota, will begin in the last week of February. The admission process will be online this year as well. The process has been delayed by more than three weeks this years.
Last year, admissions began on February 4. The dates published this year show that online admissions will begin in the last week of February. The education department has asked the district education officers and district primary education officers to prepare a detailed action plan, including details of availability of seats at each school. The plan has to be read by February 15.
The board has also decided that the helpline number and concerned official’s number will be displayed on the website so parents can contact the officials directly.
The board has also sent emails to schools seeking details of the total number of seats and the number available under RTE. The board has also asked officials in each district to carry out a through investigation into the background of each set of parents before granting RTE admissions.
The education department recently handed over papers submitted by 250-odd sets of parents — who faked poverty on paper, to secure admission for their wards at schools of their choice — to the police, to begin criminal action against them. This is the first time police action will be taken against well-off parents for forging documents to take advantage of a scheme meant for poor children.

Source: The Times of India

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