Chandigarh| Getting slum dwellers past hurdles before RTE

Chandigarh: With hurdles like non-availability of birth certificates and identification documents, a number of children from economically weaker sections of the society are either unable to reach schools or discouraged from doing so despite seats reserved for them under Right to Education. A group of students from Panjab University (PU) has taken the initiative to ensure that more of them join schools and stay on and study too.

Two groups of students from PU’s Centre for Social Work have so far managed to get 64 students from Dhanas and Kajheri admitted to schools in nearby areas. While the group in Kajheri has been working from mid-February and has facilitated admission of 51 students, the group in Dhanas started working in April and has admitted 13 students so far.

The ‘Education Forever’ project undertaken by these eight students is an attempt to go beyond the prescribed curriculum and set patterns of field work in their area of study. Taking it a step further, the students have also identified a couple of children in need of medical help and have started seeking professional advice for them.

Source: The Times of India

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